PDC Energy, Inc. (PDCE) leverages XTIVIA expertise to implement sustainable data governance practices and implement business intelligence strategy.


PDCE approached XTIVIA with a need to improve its operational efficiency when it came to assimilating and distributing information. Several issues were at play for PDCE.
  • Nascent IT organization
  • Too many long cycles to collect/deliver key information
  • Key Resources (people, processes, and technology) for Business Intelligence did not exist.
  • Lack of standards and naming conventions
  • Lack of Reliable metrics to ascertain profit and loss for wells/routes.
XTIVIA worked with PDCE, starting with a BI assessment and creation of roadmap. The assessment resulted in a clear understanding of how well positioned PDCE was and what gaps existed. The goal here was to create plans to accomplish the overall strategy incrementally. The first phase (or release) was to “stand up” the project. This covered people, process and technology activities needed to support development activities (SDLC) for future releases. The second phase/release of the project covered well profit and loss analytics and analytics necessary to manage “land” operations. This included identifying reliable source/s of data and utilizing that with minimal cleanup to add immediate operational value. The third phase consisted of creating a portion of sustainable data integration strategy so that asset management was seamless with some core capabilities around master data management as it relates to surface and sub-surface equipment. Team XTIVIA continues to support this program with ongoing production support, project/enhancement implementations and continued implementation of data governance strategy.

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  • Misidentification and use of mission critical assets
  • Tedious and time-consuming effort to collect/deliver information
  • Unreliable profit/loss information at various levels of operations
  • Diminished efficiency and productivity of human resources
“With the expertise provided by XTIVIA, I have no doubts that my vision and goals for PDC’s Business Intelligence are in the right hands.” -JIM GAULKE, CIO, PDC ENERGY


  • XTIVIA assessment and roadmap
  • XTIVIA Best practices methodology and industry leading resources to implement strategy
  • Business Intelligence strategy and program closely aligned with overall business strategy and vision via agile execution


  • Improved efficiency and productivity for human resources
  • Standardized business practices
  • Accurate and consistent information available for profit/loss at variety of business operation levels
  • Clearly identified and maintained mission critical assets
SOFTWARE ELT: SSIS DATABASE: SQL Server® 2008 REPORTING: SSRS, Targit SOURCE SYSTEMS: BOLO, Wellview, Aries, ProCount, ACTS SERVICES Senior BI Architect(s) Program Manager Data Analyst(s) Technical Lead TIMEFRAME 3-6 month cycles for delivering key projects under the general BI Roadmap Activities ongoing for little over a year Download the Case Study PDF here