XTIVIA’s client is a footwear company specializing in revolutionary slip-resistant, durable, comfortable, and stylish shoe outsoles. Their commitment to quality has resulted in their status as an industry leader in safety for over three decades. They protect employees working for over 15,000 companies in more than 100,000 locations worldwide. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually, but this organization’s corporate programs significantly reduce the risk of these types of accidents and make comfort, safety, and style available to all their customers’ workers.

The company recently invested two years into innovating their entire product collection for upgraded comfort, technology, and design to ensure optimal employee safety.


This two-year project had frequent changes in requirements. As a result, there was a continuous need for test script modification, drastically increasing maintenance costs. With frequent changes, there was also a need for continuous regression testing. Business SMEs had to be involved with reviews of test coverage, and they lacked technical knowledge of automation tools.


XTIVIA analyzed the existing processes, established future-state business requirements, and provided the optimized test suite. XTIVIA developed and delivered an automation test suite with XTIVIA Automation Framework (XAF), which helped reduce maintenance costs and effort. XTIVIA developed automation test suites with multiple, reusable components. The scripts were also developed considering frequent changes to the objects, and hence any script modifications needed for addressing the objects changes were minor.

XTIVIA leveraged XAF for the Selenium Cucumber tool to implement the solution. Behavior-driven development was applied, which helped the SMEs understand what was tested in automation scripts. The scenarios were quickly translated into test scripts, bridging the gap between different stakeholders. Automation Test Suite was integrated with Jenkins Pipeline to achieve continuous testing, enabling faster delivery of high-quality applications.

Detailed and transparent test results generated with the help of a well-developed and organized Automation suite provided the complete Test execution progress to all the different stakeholders.


The test suite was successfully engineered to achieve the critical business goal of reducing maintenance costs and adherence to retail industry standards.

XTIVIA jump-started development with existing XAF components. The approach leveraged common libraries developed for report generation, exception handling, logging, and data parameterization per pure testing principles.