A large provider of online training and employee certifications needed to migrate 10 Microsoft® SQL Servers from one hosting center to another. This was done to consolidate their hosted systems and save money on hosting services. The servers were a mix of old SQL 2000 instances, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 systems. The SQL Servers contained databases, as well as supporting objects, ranging from DTS packages to stored procedures, to Integration Services packages, scripts and even Microsoft Analysis Services databases, and a Reporting Services installation. Databases and supporting objects all had to be moved during a one-day window.


XTIVIA worked with the client to plan the migration. Testing connection speeds to make sure the amount of bandwidth was adequate to move the required databases and objects. We helped analyze the current servers producing reports that allowed the customer to determine which databases and objects were required and which were obsolete and not required.

We helped the customer test the migration by moving copies of databases and objects to the new environment. We then provided support in making necessary modifications to the environment, scripts, SSIS packages and stored procedures that were needed to get the applications running correctly. We created documentation of needed changes to make sure the final migration went smoothly.

XTIVIA created a fall-back plan to move back to the original data-center in case of a major problem.

XTIVIA performed the final migration and was available 24×7 to provide support and troubleshooting.


Migrations on this scale are complicated and difficult. The cost to the customer in falling back to the previous system and trying the migration again are high. XTIVIA used our extensive experience with all aspects of SQL Server to successfully migrate all databases and supporting objects. The migration was completed with minimal downtime and only a minor disruption to the end users.



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