Transformative Infrastructure Design: Resource Utilization for Workplace Shoe Supplier


Our client is an industry leader in workplace safety as a prominent producer of revolutionary slip-resistant shoe outsoles for over three decades. They protect employees working for more than 15,000 companies in more than 100,000 locations worldwide from slips and falls by having the right footwear. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually. Their corporate programs significantly reduce the risk of employee injuries while also making comfort, safety, and style available to all their customers’ workers. The company recently spent two years innovating their entire product collection for upgraded comfort, technology, and design to ensure optimal employee safety.


The client wanted to leverage SoftwareAG in the Azure Cloud, but it soon became evident that they needed a trusted partner to provide the network architecture for their new platform in the Azure cloud. They did not have the required capabilities to create an Azure environment, install the necessary technology, and establish connectivity with their on-premise environment.

They also needed information distribution, including full analysis of sizing requirements in Azure. This allowed them to meet performance needs and expectations with cost projections recommendations on server types in Azure.


XTIVIA’s team of application and cloud experts delivered on every challenge the client’s situation posed. From software installation and integration to data sharing and platform optimization, XTIVIA provided an encompassing solution, which included the following:

  • Analyzed and provided the technology/network architecture with multiple availability sets, subnet boundaries, application gateways, required roles for server access, etc.
  • Analyzed the sizing requirements and provided the necessary Azure server types and cost matrix.
  • Based on the project timeline and components rollout, XTIVIA provided a server setup timeline and cost projections for more than three years.
  • Helped the client procure the required Azure servers and implemented the Azure cloud environment for development, test, UAT, and production environment.
  • Established network connectivity between the Azure cloud and existing on-premise and support environments.
  • Configured the environments, servers, and installed the required software for their new platform.


Our detailed analysis and architecture provided the client with a better understanding of their Azure environment and solution tradeoffs. The collaborative efforts between both organizations during software installation and configuration nurtured faster turnaround. The multiple environments and servers allowed them to quickly meet the project timeline. With sizing analysis and server recommendations, the solution offered optimal server resource utilization. Finally, the client’s new cost projections and project timelines assisted with budgeting and staffing for their new technology landscape.

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