The U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has been a RightStar client since 2003, beginning with an implementation of BMC’s Service Desk Express for incident, problem, change, and configuration management. RightStar recently worked with BOP to move their teams to Jira Service Management where they now continue incident, problem, change, and configuration management in the new tool.


BOP is a large government enterprise with approximately 40,000 employees. It has more than 1,000 help desk team members, organized into 165 help desk groups that handle all IT support and personnel action incidents, across 225 unique geographic locations. BOP had challenges routing tickets to the right resource while maintaining control over their nationwide system.

RightStar’s “THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL” Solution

The RightStar team designed and built a hub-and-spoke service desk system where BOP can “think global, act local.” The implemented JSM solution has all service desk issues in a single project, allowing for centralized control of the flow of support while routing the delivery work to BOP’s local offices who then deliver the needed hands-on services or incident remediation. In addition to the IT team, BOP’s Human Resources team also uses JSM to track and manage HR requests.

The solution utilizes both out-of-the-box Jira Service Management capabilities and Atlassian Marketplace applications to solve the challenge of routing and security. Security is maintained so that each service desk group can see only the tickets that affect them, and queues are set up to limit the “noise” helping the agents focus on the most important tasks at hand.

JSM allows BOP to offer their IT support desk team and their HR team their own unique portal. BOP’s customers can easily search for, select, and submit self-service forms across various categories, which are configured to collect just the right information the service team needs. Customers are also able to easily locate Confluence knowledge base articles embedded in the JSM portal, which they can use whether they just have a quick question or have a request.


BOP now has a modern enterprise service desk with a self-service portal, based on Jira Service Management which easily delivered all their requirements, at considerable savings. And since improved data availability is an organizational priority, BOP is thrilled with how the system empowers users with self-service capabilities, reduces time spent searching for services, simplifies the process of requesting services, and expedites service delivery, all of which improves organizational agility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. A senior BOP manager, summed up the new system this way:

“Works perfectly! I have already had a few people say today how much they are “loving using this” and how much time it is saving vs our old system.”

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