Pharmaceutical Company


With operations in more than 25 countries, this drug development services company is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive. The company’s web response service system allows real-time data access and visibility to its customers. This in turn, reduces drug overproduction costs, allows flexibility in study schedules and results in substantial reductions in drug waste and distribution costs. When utilizing their services, customers have the added flexibility to move drug supply between depots and warehouses − in real-time − online. Optimal efficiency and minimal downtime are clearly critical to this business.


Through our Virtual-DBA services, we provide broad 24×7 operational support, maintenance, tuning, troubleshooting, mentoring and consulting services in the company’s voice and web response system. Our services, and the implementation of additional monitoring tools modified for the client’s system, have played a key role in reducing service problems that can have critical business impact. Our Virtual-DBA team, working with the company’s internal IT team, significantly reduced Severity 1 alerts.

Our team provided additional monitoring capability on the system and improved system stability. The new monitoring tools implemented on the replication system, for example, sends alerts when there’s abnormal queue growth or there’s any component that is down. It also includes new management method for table-level synchronization, row count comparison of PDB and RDB and etc. XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA team continues to support the client’s system by implementing innovative new solutions and enhancing the existing monitoring tools.


Drug development is complex, requiring vast medical and laboratory expertise. XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA team is dedicated to providing the services vital to our client’s business.



24×7 system availability

Enhanced system stability/ reduced urgent tickets

Enhanced response time

Secured development environment


Assistance with server administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, performance turning and consulting

Support of drug studies

Troubleshooting errors and preventative measures

Implemented added automation in monitoring production system and ensuring its stability

Utilization of XTIVIA’s Virtual-DBA Service to handle business and to create new replication server monitoring and maintaining services

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