Workplace Safety Shoe Supplier: Data Migration & Data Integration


The client is an industry leader in safety for over three decades as a result of revolutionary slip-resistant, durable, comfortable, and stylish shoe outsoles. They protect employees working for more than 15,000 companies in more than 100,000 locations worldwide from slips and falls by having the right footwear. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually, but their corporate programs greatly reduce the risk of employee slips/falls and make comfort, safety, and style available to all their customers’ workers. The company recently spent two years innovating their entire product collection for upgraded comfort, technology, and design to ensure optimal employee safety.


When it came to their IT architecture, the company had legacy systems that presented numerous challenges:
  • They could not scale to handle merger and acquisition volumes, nor did they have flexibility with new processes.
  • There were integration issues when it came to financial, accounting systems, and partner systems.
  • They had no in-house talent with skills to manage the systems and no end-view of transactions.
  • The market lacked resources the appropriate legacy skills.
Migrating to a new technology platform (AngularJS, Java, webMethods, and SQL Server) required data migration from their legacy system to the new solution. Given Data Quality issues within the legacy system, redesigning the master data and business rules resulted in complex data transformations from legacy to target solution. The new platform had to be integrated with the existing Data Warehouse.


XTIVIA was engaged to design and implement a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution on several levels. The company did not need to compromise on their solution; instead, they leveraged XTIVIA’s Data Migration framework to fulfill Data Warehousing and Data Integration needs. To fulfil the client’s needs, XTIVIA:

  • Identified the scope and success criteria in collaboration with the customer.
  • Profiled the source data to identify Data Quality issues and review them with the client.
  • Created a detailed approach plan and steps for cutting over from legacy to target solution.
  • Created Staging environment for transformations and incremental changes.
  • Coded SQL Server and SSIS scripts to cleanse and standardize the data.
  • Designed source-to-target mappings (from legacy to the new solution and from the new solution to the Data Warehouse) and reviewed with SMEs.
  • Coded and tested the transformations in T-SQL and SSIS.
  • Implemented scheduled ETL processes to transform the legacy transactional data to target structures.
  • Documented detailed test cases, and performed end-to-end testing of the data flow from the legacy source to the target Data Warehouse and the new solution to the target Data Warehouse. Any exceptions and mismatches had to have a valid reason (Business Rule Change, Data Quality issues in legacy, etc.).
  • Created scripts to extract all Pending Orders, Pending Credits, In-flight Transactions, and Master/Reference Data before cutting over to the new solution.
  • Implemented scheduled data feeds from the new solution to the Data Warehouse.
  • Data Migration deliverables included a Detailed Plan, Source Data Quality Reports, Mapping Specifications, Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Data Migration ETL Scripts, Data Integration ETL Scripts, Test Reports, Data Initialization Plan.
XTIVIA Data Migration Approach XTIVIA Parallel Testing Approach


The business results have been significant to date, and there’s promise to deliver even greater results in the coming months. Some of the major business benefits the company can now leverage with XTIVIA’s solution included:

  • Data Quality issues fixed before migrating to thenew solution
  • Improved stakeholder confidence in their Data Quality
  • Automated data initialization and smooth transition from legacy
  • Seamless integration of the new solution with the target Data Warehouse

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