Business Intelligence Fundamentals Webinar

This recorded webinar will cover:

  • The definition of Business Intelligence (BI), how BI provides value to the business, the role of analytics in BI.
  • How data warehousing supports BI.
  • We will also discuss the BI maturity model and how companies move from one stage to the next.

This webinar is ideal for anyone wanting to know why companies implement business intelligence solutions and what a BI solution typically looks like. Whether you have a technical or business background, this webinar will paint a clear picture of what a BI solution is and why companies implement BI solutions.

The presenter, Todd Saunders, is EVP – Customer Solutions with XTIVIA. Todd supports clients’ efforts to design and build world-class Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and has over 20 years of experience in business intelligence, data warehousing, marketing solutions, and strategic consulting spanning a wide range of industries. Todd has built and managed large BI organizations, as well as worked as an engineer to deliver large-scale data warehouse solutions.

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