A Faster, Simpler Approach to Business Analytics Webinar

Does the volume of data you have to analyze keeps growing while your hardware/software infrastructure is not keeping up?

Do your data warehouse users want to access data quickly and run complex analytics on the data but are limited by hardware, software or simply resources?

Do upgrades for your data warehouse environment take more than 3-4 months and are the changes not always successful?

If so, then we have just the right solution you for you. This webinar presented by XTIVIA and IBM will demonstrate how you can:

  • Integrate the server, storage, database and analytics into one optimized package
  • Move complex analytics into the database
  • Reduce infrastructure management costs
  • Reduce time to provide complex analytics to consumers of data warehouse


Dan Simchuk, IBM – Dan has over 40 years of experience in high technology and has been involved for the past 16 years with IBM database and data warehouse products. He is currently working with North American IBM Business partners who are focusing on Analytics and Big Data.


Mark Yingling, IBM – Mark has been involved with information management technology for 26 years as a DBA, application developer, consultant, sales engineer, and author. He is currently the Big Data technical evangelist for IBM’s ChannelWorks organization

Mangesh Mharolkar, XTIVIA – Mangesh has worked for over 17 years with Information Systems and currently heads the Business Intelligence practice at XTIVIA. He has been with XTIVIA for over 13 years. Prior to coming to XTIVIA, Mangesh worked in a technical leadership role at Tata Consultancy Services. He has worked in various roles for client firms of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies building industry leading data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. Having served in a variety of technical roles, he brings a very hands-on, practical approach to both strategic and tactical decision making.

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