How to use NOSQL in your App – Informix Webinar

Organizations are flooded with data from multiple sources, locations and devices. In order to maintain efficiency, the adoption of NOSQL database model takes a front seat, which enables the organizations to manage their unstructured data and existing structured data. Keeping this requirement in mind, IBM Informix is providing the NOSQL capability of Informix by combining the two technologies. We are helping our customers bring NOSQL to SQL together for hybrid data store and application development.

With IBM Informix you can leverage relational and non-relational types of data from a single application using familiar methodologies and APIs.

IBM Informix is also optimized for embedded data management, including support for ARM processors, to support the growing trend of mobile computing, machine-to-machine applications and the “Internet of Things”.

To learn more, register to view this recorded webinar on “Combining SQL and NOSQL Data for Powerful, Big Data Enterprise Applications”.


Jef C. Treece, Informix Product Manager

Mr. Treece is the Product Manager for Informix, and he has worked in the database software industry for 20 years across a number of different roles. He is a graduate of Purdue University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before IBM acquired Informix in 2001, he was a leader in the Informix XPS development team. Subsequent to the IBM acquisition, he led development teams in adapting such Informix technology as Range Partitioning and HADR in DB2. Mr. Treece resides in the Portland, Oregon area.

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