Liferay Personalization Using User Collections Webinar

This recorded webinar covers Liferay personalization using user collections. Attendees will get a fundamental understanding of what personalization means and how they can relate the concept to their business. How can information and calls-to-action be targeted to different user collections within your Liferay user population based on things you know about them; age, gender, number of forum posts, how often they pay their bill on time? This technique for delivering content and calls-to-action can really be thought of as “behavioral targeting” and we will demonstrate this functionality within the Liferay platform.

Attendees should have a basic understanding of the Liferay platform and Liferay’s Web Content Management capabilities. We will describe the overall system architecture in a way that non-technical attendees will understand how things work at a high level and what activities would need to take place in order to integrate this concept with Liferay. As with any technical problem, there are infinite other ways this problem could be solved. This approach is one we used at a Fortune 500 company with a high degree of success.

Derek Nerenberg, the presenter, is a Portal and Enterprise Solutions Architect at Xtivia. Derek does everything from making minor tweaks on web pages to assessing corporate infrastructures and building plans for successful portal implementations. Derek’s expertise is in the area of enterprise portal projects including new development, integration, and training.

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