VBScript and PowerShell for the DBA Webinar

Presented by
Mark Halstead – SQL Server Technical Lead DBA

Learn about:

  1. The general values of using a scripting language
  2. The pros and cons of both VBScript and Powershell
  3. Some of the basics of Powershell including requirements and security
  4. Running Powershell from Management Studio
  5. A variety of sample scripts for both VBScript and Powershell

Scripting technologies provide a way to automate repetitive tasks and save time. VBScript is a great choice for systems where PowerShell is unavailable but to get the most power and reliability from task Automation you should use PowerShell. Built on .NET, PowerShell provides access to a wide range of Windows functionality. For the DBA, VBScript and PowerShell provides the ability to automate SQL Server outside of management studio. SQLPSX – SQL Server PowerShell Extensions provide an automated way to work with almost every aspect of SQL Server. This Webinar will primarily focus on management of SQL Server with VBScript and PowerShell. This Webinar is ideal for the beginner, someone who is not using the scripting technology at all.

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