10 Tips to Position Your Boomi
Initiative for Success

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Here are 10 tips from our experience to set your Boomi project up for success.

The growth of a globalized economy and the increased pace of modern business has resulted in a highly competitive environment in which digital transformation and agility are becoming ever more critical. A critical component of a successful digital transformation is achieving nimble and seamless integration between your IT systems, whether your systems are on-premise or in the cloud. This is where Boomi comes in. In our opinion and that of analysts from Gartner and Forrester, Boomi is a best-of-breed integration Platform-as-a-Service or iPaaS. However, just like with every integration platform out there, the success of your Boomi integration project ultimately relies on a number of factors, and here are some tips on how to position your Boomi project for success:

    • Understand the full breadth of capabilities offered by the Boomi platform
    • Understand Boomi’s subscription pricing model
    • Develop an overall system architecture and determine Boomi’s role in it
    • Determine whether to use cloud-only, on-premise, or hybrid deployment model
    • Develop a phased project roadmap
    • Align and involve key organizational resources
    • And more…

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