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When your data is growing exponentially, our
Talend-based Data Integration solutions will
help you integrate, report on, and manage your
data quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Are your data sets growing exponentially?

Do you fear they are becoming unmanageable? Turn to XTIVIA’s Talend-based data integration for robust solutions. XTIVIA offers innovative and cost-effective solutions based on market-leading, open-source integration Talend software. Supporting data-driven businesses with our Talend integration programs, we are able to deliver data quality, data integration, and data management solutions for a wide variety of organizations. By aligning your business needs with our solutions, we can support both short and long-term objectives within highly desirable cost schedules.

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Talend FAQs

Q: I have multiple data sets that need better connectivity and integration—is it possible to outgrow my data integration solution?

A: Talend’s powerful, flexible open-source data integration solutions have an extensive array of more than 450 connectors. With multiple enterprise-level functionalities, our solutions go beyond ETL for Business Intelligence to include operational data projects, RFID, ERP and CRM systems and processes. It’s software designed to grow WITH your company.

Q: What if I don’t have the personnel or financial resources for data integration?

A: Talend’s product download is free. There are no data taxes or hidden charges. The cost of your Talend integration solution will be a combination of in-house and outside talent—the in-house developers you hire to create the data integration “jobs” from a software perspective and, plus the cost of resources from XTIVIA. This allows you to work with new data as the need arises, with no additional license fees. Talend-based solutions typically cost 50–80% less than most proprietary products and are also more efficient to deploy, maintain and support—resulting in faster development and increased productivity.

Typical Situation

Your company’s data is growing exponentially. You have multiple data sets that need to be updated, validated, extracted and pushed into user reports. You have time and cost constraints, but need to integrate your data quickly and effectively. Let XTIVIA’s efficient, affordable Talend-based Data Integration solutions go to work for you right away.

XTIVIA’s Talend-based data integration solution has three major components:

Innovative, flexible and scalable, XTIVIA’s Talend-based data integration solution enhances your organization’s ability to handle operational and analytical data processing by taking care of data warehousing and application compatibility. Over 450 connectors facilitate open data integration to support a wide array of purposes, including:

  • Data quality, testing, debugging and tuning features
  • Data migration, big data and cloud-based services
  • Data synchronization, business modeling, job design and metadata management
  • Master data management (MDM) and native connectivity to multiple data warehousing options
  • ETL for business intelligence and related components
  • Additional data services

The usefulness of your company’s data depends on high levels of accuracy, integrity and completeness. Our data quality solution maximizes your organization’s confidence in making critical data-driven decisions by supporting consistency, governance and standardization—and ultimately, promoting productivity across multiple platforms and applications. Our Talend-based data quality solution supports:

  • Data connectivity
  • Data profiling, analysis and reporting
  • Data testing, debugging and tuning features to support customizable data assessment
  • Data parsing for efficient and convenient external-reference data utilization
  • Data-matching tools and effective rule development

With data’s exponential growth and increasingly disparate sources, our Talend-based master data management (MDM) solutions support managing, aligning and using data for your business needs. MDM supports teamwork through collaborative workflows. This, in conjunction with a balance of data warehousing, integration, and governance, increases confidence in the integrity of your end-stream data. The master data view simplifies your data projects with complete functionality, including:

  • Open and flexible data management across new and legacy databases
  • Data integration and alignment through master data views
  • Data quality and mastering
  • Data algorithms for duplication eradication
  • Data profiling and modeling
  • Data parsing, matching and hierarchy
  • Data role-based controls and governance with access rules and user permissions
  • Process step tracking for contextual history and data evaluation

The XTIVIA Approach

To plan, build, implement and support your data integration solution, XTIVIA uses an expert team of IT professionals that is thoroughly immersed in Talend’s product suite. We also provide our own proven development methodology, and will work closely with you throughout the engagement. Project teams typically include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager
  • Data Integration Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Data Modeler
  • ETL Developers
  • Product Testers


This type of engagement typically produces:

  • Confirmation of business requirements
  • Data integration solution plan and implementation
  • Comprehensive data integration system documentation
  • Support personnel
  • User training with access to the open source community
  • Change and growth management support

More Information

Integration Made Easy

Big data is a complicated adventure. Business requirements are always changing, and data-driven organizations require more access to data, faster. Solutions from the past do not work in today’s fast-paced big data environment. Now more than ever, organizations need the right tool for the right task.

Data-driven enterprises rely on Talend to deliver timely and easy access to data. Talend solutions empower organizations unlock all of their data—including historical, live and emerging data. Through native support of most modern big data platforms, Talend’s zero-footprint solution takes the complexity out of integration, equipping IT departments to be more responsive to the demands of the business, at a more predictable cost.

Affordable ETL Solutions

Gone are the days when scalability and “enterprise worthiness” were concerns with open source tools—today, these affordable solutions have become the norm. Whether you’re just getting started on large-scale analytics projects or hoping to move away from custom-coded BI components, XTIVIA’s open-source Talend solutions are a smart, cost-effective solution.

All Talend products are free to download and use under an open-source license. The open-source products include the necessary features to develop and deploy a small or medium project. Talend platforms contain specific functionality for all major data services sub-systems, including big data, data integration, data quaity, MDM and ESB.

For organizations needing to scale their projects, collaborate in large teams or deploy mission-critical projects, Talend provides 100% compatible “enterprise” and “platform” solutions that include value-added features and services that enhance the open source products. These versions are distributed under a subscription license and include technical support with service-level agreements, legal warranties, and more.


We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them—for others—for you.
To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges.
At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.


We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them-for others-for you. To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges. At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.

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