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As more businesses move to the cloud, there is a growing need for IT services that can help them optimize their operations in the cloud. Our range of services is designed to help businesses achieve greater efficiency, agility, and cost savings on AWS.

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Cloud Migration

We use AWS migration tools and services such as AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) and AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to ensure seamless migration of workloads to the cloud.

Application Modernization

Our application modernization services on AWS help businesses update legacy applications to meet modern standards and requirements. We use AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS Fargate and more to modernize applications

AWS Cost Optimization

Our cost optimization services on AWS help businesses identify inefficiencies and reduce IT costs without sacrificing performance or quality. We leverage AWS cost optimization tools and services such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Trusted Advisor, and AWS Budgets to help businesses optimize their cloud usage, streamline processes, and eliminate waste.

AWS Architecture

XTIVIA architecture services on AWS help businesses design and implement scalable and secure IT architectures that meet their unique needs. We use AWS best practices and services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon VPC to help businesses build resilient and high-performing solutions in the cloud.


With XTIVIA’s DevOps services on AWS help businesses accelerate software delivery and improve quality by improving collaboration between development and operations teams. We leverage AWS DevOps tools and services such as AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CloudFormation to automate infrastructure provisioning, testing, and deployment.


Our assessment services on AWS help businesses evaluate their existing IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to identify areas for improvement. We provide detailed assessments that help businesses make informed decisions about their IT investments on AWS.

AWS Managed Services

XTIVIA managed services on AWS help businesses maintain and optimize their IT infrastructure and applications. We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support services using AWS tools such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS OpsWorks.

AWS Security

Our security services on AWS help businesses secure their data and applications by providing comprehensive threat detection and protection. We leverage AWS security solutions such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Security Hub, and AWS GuardDuty to help businesses identify and mitigate security risks.

Cloud Application Development

Our cloud application development services on AWS help businesses build and deploy custom applications in the cloud. We leverage AWS services such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, and AWS DynamoDB to create scalable, secure, and high-performing applications.

AWS Databases

We offer a range of database services on AWS, including relational databases such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora, NoSQL databases such as Amazon DynamoDB, and in-memory databases such as Amazon ElastiCache.


Before we migrate to AWS, it’s important for us to assess your existing IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to identify which workloads can be moved to the cloud. We will also evaluate your business requirements and define your goals for the move to ensure that we are able to achieve the desired outcomes. This will help you make informed decisions about which workloads to move, when to move them, and how to optimize them for the cloud.


Once we have identified the workloads that can be moved to AWS, we will work with you to develop a migration plan that outlines the tasks, timelines, and resources required for the move. We will also determine the best migration approach for each workload, such as rehosting, replatforming, or refactoring. This will help to ensure that your migration is well-planned and executed smoothly, minimizing downtime and disruption to our business operations.


Before you migrate to AWS, we will help to prepare your IT environment by configuring your AWS account, setting up security and networking, and optimizing applications and data for the cloud. This involves creating an AWS account, configuring access controls, setting up a virtual private cloud (VPC), and defining network and security policies. Additionally, we will work with you to optimize your applications and data to take advantage of AWS services and features. By doing so, we can ensure that your IT environment is fully prepared for the move to AWS and that your migration is completed successfully.


Once we have prepared your IT environment for the move to AWS, we can start migrating your workloads to the cloud. We will use AWS migration services such as AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) and AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to ensure that the migration of workloads is seamless and efficient. These services enable us to easily migrate your existing servers, databases, and applications to AWS with minimal downtime and distribution to your business.


After we migrate your workloads to AWS, we will work with you to optimize your environment for performance, scalability, and cost efficiency. We will implement best practices for managing the environment in the cloud, such as monitoring, backup and recovery, and security. This involves using AWS tools and services to monitor our applications and infrastructure, implementing automated backup and recovery processes, and ensuring that our environment is secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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