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Information Governance across an organization is crucial to improve efficiency, promote transparency and turn data into valuable information.
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Managing Data as a valuable organizational resource is the key mentality to initiating a Data Strategy, which entails aligning business, Data Strategy, and technology goals around the following: Data Life-Cycle, Data Governance, Data Sources, Data Storage and Data Processing, Modern AI, and Business Intelligence.


Enterprise Data is the most critical asset of an organization – it’s also often the most overlooked. Further, when data is managed in silos, the result is poor data quality, data security, and compliance issues.

When governed and managed right, Data Governance helps business users speak the same language, interpret the data consistently, and secure the data appropriately. The result is higher profits, higher compliance, and lower risk.

XTIVIA’s experts in Data Governance help organizations establish Data Governance Practices and operate a Data Governance Office to ensure data quality, data security, and compliance across the entire lifecycle of data.


A successful Master Data Management (MDM) program includes proper Data Governance as well as selecting the right tool for implementation.

The success of any MDM initiative depends on the level of collaboration amongst an organization’s business units and keeping stakeholders involved throughout the process.

XTIVIA’s expert data engineers can create a common structure for data sets of any size that allows universal searchability, indexing and fast retrieval. With smart automation, this means you get a solution that’s truly end-to-end.

XTIVIA Success Story Global 500 Car Rental Company


Managing hundreds of diverse applications with traditional, established integration strategies create a bottleneck. To gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-changing digital business landscape, building adaptable business capability is much better than building a point-to-point integration. XTIVIA delivers this type of benefit through API invocation that can deliver business value in multiple contexts. We also help our clients design reusable APIs and recommend how the APIs should be layered in order to leverage their power to their fullest potential.

XTIVIA’s EIM team, through its two decades of experience in SOA and Business Process Management, has captured best practices, methodologies, frameworks, and artifacts that not only provide a proven successful approach but also help clients get a solid jumpstart toward achieving their goals. Additionally, we offer a common services tool as part of our engagements.

Instead of burdened by data, you’ll be agile— and that’s just the beginning
of what XTIVIA can do for you.


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Our Approach

XTIVIA researches a business’s differing components, then creates a common data structure—allowing data from many different sources to be searched, managed, and clearly understood. By creating a unified management plan, XTIVIA allows your business to generalize its data management (removing the need for expensive specialists), as well as analyze data from a clear and unified perspective, rather than having to patch together results from many different sources. This means that in the end, you get to save thousands of hours, dollars, and headaches, by having a clean data structure.

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