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B2B Pivot Series 2: Pivoting Disruption Through Strategy

Disruption shakes up the status quo, sometimes painfully, to catapult necessary growth. Strategy is the tool that can pivot disruption into new opportunities. First, let’s define strategy. Strategy identifies and then becomes the optimal implementation path... read more

B2B Pivot Series 1: How Disruption Can Naturally Surface New Opportunities

When disruption strikes, especially due to something outside your control, it’s destabilizing, chaotic, and scary. But it can also be the invitation to something much greater: a fresh perspective and new growth opportunities. The keys to surviving disruption are... read more

Businesses Need Businesses: Two Ideas to Reboot Post-COVID-19

If the disruption caused by COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that businesses need businesses. We are all interconnected and need each other to deliver value to customers and remain viable for our own longevity. As the CEO of an IT integration firm,... read more

Frictionless Enterprise Is the Key to the New Normal in Business

COVID-19 is changing the way we do business. While we are in a digital economy, people and process take precedence over technology — until the people and processes are affected. When that happens, morale, productivity, and results are vulnerable… that’s... read more

API and Platform Integration Tools

The right integration tool is key to unlocking unified API management and successful digital transformation. Today’s technology-focused environment is flooded with API and platform integrator tools, making the right choice hard to find. Over the past 20 years,... read more

Making the Business Case for Growth

In every organization, resources are carefully allotted toward reaching business targets. Growth initiatives have to be seen to either yield a return that is at least break-even or, ideally, greater than where the resources have already been allocated. Projected... read more

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