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What Insurers Need to Know About Serving Policyholders in Today’s Digital Economy

As a consumer, insurance is what you pay for but never want to use; as an insurer, you want to protect the interests of your policyholders and facilitate your agents in doing so. In all cases, technology is the bridge to insurer success in serving policyholders better... read more

Follow One Wild Pursuit at a Time to Increase Success

There is something to be said for disruptors, innovation, brainstorming, idea generation and creativity in the workplace. After all, these are the practices that envision, shape and birth the growing edge in any industry. At the same time, trying to do everything at... read more

Common Insurance Use Cases Leveraging Liferay DXP

As I wrote in my Forbes article, Seven Disruptions That Are Shaping Customer Experience Today, today’s rapid pace of disruptive change is shaping customer expectations and, accordingly, customer experience (CX) in ways that threaten to leave less agile brands... read more

Making the Case for Digital Transformation with MuleSoft API Connectivity

Enterprise today is undergoing a significant upgrade through digital transformation to connect data and unify communications, some of which is facilitated by API connectivity. But let’s begin at the beginning. Digital transformation is not just about buying the... read more

Why Should I Upgrade Liferay?

I can give you a lot of reasons to upgrade Liferay. I’ve seen some large companies spend LOTS of money building out something incredible on the Liferay platform, then take a “lights on” approach almost as soon as the product launches. With the... read more

Top 10 New Features in Liferay 7.2

This article covers the list of top 10 new business features and major enhancements in Liferay DXP 7.2 that we like the most.

read more

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