So I wanted to throw a quick reminder out there of a nice feature that came along with Oracle 10g and datapump exports and imports. The feature I’m referring to is the ability to detach and reattach to export and import jobs.

To detach from an export or import you simply hit CTRL+C once the export or import has started. This will take you to the datapump command line interface/interactive mode.

After you have done this you can type ‘exit_client’, press enter and it will throw you back out to your shell so you can do other work, move to another computer, or leave for the day while your job still runs.

You can reattach to your session by starting your expdp or impdp again by logging in via the command line utility.

For instance:

$expdp schema_name/password FULL=y DIRECTORY=data_pump_dir DUMPFILE=full_exp.dmp LOGFILE=full_exp.log JOB_NAME=Luke_full_exp

Now once the export starts you can then hit CTRL+C


You can then export the export utility altogether.


You can also reattach to your export job.

Expdp schema_name/password ATTACH=Luke_full_exp

There are other things you can do at the interactive prompt as well like stopping or resuming a stopped job. You can also get a status of running jobs and also kill a job of need be. You can see all of these commands and what they do by typing expdp help=y or impdp help=y.

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