After configuring Google search appliance connectors, sometimes Google search appliance doesn’t receive any feeds from the connector.

This issue could be a little unclear to troubleshoot. The reason being everything looks okay and the connector status shows green in the GSA admin console. No matter how many times you try to reset the connector, the GSA doesn’t receive feeds from the connector module.

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Login to the GSA and check the connector status. If it is green and if you can change the log level, change it to finer or finest. If all looks OK and you don’t see any feeds coming through, login to the connector host.
  2. On the connector host, try to telnet to the GSA using telnet command on the following ports 19900 and 19902. GSA accepts http feeds on 19900 and https feeds on 19902
    $ telnet 19900
    $ telnet 19902

    If both these tests are unsuccessful, check if there is a firewall blocking the connector host from connecting to the GSA.
  3. If either one of the ports is accessible and you want to ‘force’ the connector to send feeds on that port only, make the following changes on your connector application.

The settings should be in the Tomcat-install-directory/connector-manager/WEB-INF/ file. You probably have


If you intend to use http instead of https, you can change the parameters to the following:


After making the change you need to restart tomcat for the new connector settings to be picked up. Once the connector shows online in the GSA, click on reset connector to restart the feeds. You should see the feeds coming through in the activity logs of the Google Search Appliance.

On the other hand, if you would like to use https for feeds, then you need to work with your network team to allow traffic from connector host to GSA’s TCP port 19902.

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