The ORA-600 is an internal Oracle error that can be reported by a very serious error. A lot of times this error can’t be solved by an onsite DBA and needs direct help from Oracle to help troubleshoot the issue. If the trace files from the error don’t prove to be useful in troublehsooting the error yourself usually the next course of action is to log into metalink(Oracle Support) and use their ORA-600 lookup tool in hopes that this particular error is documented. This can be found via a quick search in metalink with a search string of Doc ID 153788.1.

The tool looks like the below and can be used for a few different internal error codes.



You simply click on the rdbms version that you’re currently using and then enter the first argument in the first set of brackets after the error number. Then click the lookup button. If the tool found a match it will pop up a box like below.

ORA-00600: internal error code,arguments: [ktfbtgex-7], [1015817],[1024], [1015816], [], [], [], []



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