Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a critical decision for businesses of all sizes. This blog compares Salesforce’s two primary offerings: the Salesforce Starter Suite and the Salesforce Pro Suite. Each suite caters to different business needs and complexities. Join us as we explore these two paths in Salesforce’s ecosystem, helping you determine which suite aligns best with your business’s current and future needs.

Salesforce Starter Suite

Salesforce Starter Suite brings sales, service, and marketing functionality together in one app. It is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a streamlined approach to CRM.

Salesforce Pro Suite

Salesforce Pro Suite is a comprehensive all-in-one application that seamlessly integrates the power of sales, service, marketing, and commerce features that includes everything in Starter, plus customization, automation, and more advanced sales and service features.  

Salesforce Pro Suite Dashboard

Salesforce Pro Suite Features

The Salesforce Pro Suite encompasses a wide array of advanced features, including comprehensive sales tools like Forecast Management and Quote Creation, extensive service capabilities such as Omni-Channel Routing and Case Management, and enhanced marketing features like Smart Segmentation and Einstein Send Time Optimization.

  • Sales Cloud
    1. Easy Email Integration
    2. Out-of-the-Box Sales
    3. Default Dashboards and Reporting
    4. Quote Creation and Management
    5. Direct Payment Links for Quotes
    6. Direct Payment Links for Opportunities
    7. Forecast Management
    8. Comprehensive Reporting
    9. Data Analytics
  • Service Cloud
    1. Integrated Email Support
    2. Case Management
    3. Knowledge Management
    4. Custom Email Templates
    5. Automate Repetitive Tasks
    6. In-app and Web Messaging
    7. Omni-Channel Routing
  • Marketing Cloud
    1. Effective Email Campaigns
    2. Smart Segmentation
    3. Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
    4. Premade Email Templates
    5. Campaign Analytics
    6. Einstein Send Time Optimization
  • Enhanced Capabilities
    1. Onboarding Guides
    2. Social Sign-on
    3. Custom Apps and Objects
    4. Process Automation with Flows
    5. Approval Processes
    6. Sandbox for Testing and Training
    7. AppExchange Access

Differences Between Salesforce Pro Suite and Salesforce Starter Suite

The Salesforce Starter Suite is designed for simplicity and ease of use, offering essential CRM tools for sales, service, and marketing in a unified application. On the other hand, the Salesforce Pro Suite is a more comprehensive solution, catering to larger enterprises or businesses with complex CRM requirements. Below are specific differences between the two.

ServiceStarter SuitePro Suite
Integrated Email SupportAvailableAvailable
Case ManagementAvailableAvailable
Knowledge ManagementAvailableAvailable
Custom Email TemplatesAvailableAvailable
MacrosNot AvailableAvailable
Omni-Channel RoutingNot AvailableAvailable
In-App and Web MessagingNot AvailableAvailable
SalesStarter SuitePro Suite
Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity ManagementAvailableAvailable
Email Integration with Gmail or OutlookAvailableAvailable
Task Management and Activity FeedAvailableAvailable
Customizable Reports and DashboardsAvailableAvailable
Salesforce MeetingsAvailableAvailable
Direct Payment Links for OpportunitiesAvailableAvailable
Payment Portal for PaymentsAvailableAvailable
Forecast ManagementNot AvailableAvailable
Quote Creation and ManagementNot AvailableAvailable
Direct Payment Links for QuotesNot AvailableAvailable
MarketingStarter SuitePro Suite
Email CampaignsAvailableAvailable
Smart SegmentationAvailableAvailable
Premade Email TemplatesAvailableAvailable
Drag-and-Drop Email BuilderAvailableAvailable
Einstein Send Time OptimizationAvailableAvailable
Campaign AnalyticsAvailableAvailable
Enhanced CapabilitiesStarter SuitePro Suite
Social Sign-onAvailableAvailable
Guided OnboardingAvailableAvailable
Custom FieldsAvailableAvailable
Custom AppsNot AvailableAvailable
Custom ObjectsNot AvailableAvailable
Process Automation with FlowsNot AvailableAvailable
Approval ProcessesNot AvailableAvailable
Sandbox for Testing and TrainingNot AvailableAvailable
AppExchange AccessNot AvailableAvailable

How XTIVIA Can Help With Salesforce Pro Suite or Starter Suite

At XTIVIA, we understand the pivotal role Salesforce plays in streamlining your business operations, whether you’re using the Salesforce Starter Suite or the more advanced Salesforce Pro Suite. Our Salesforce Managed Services, known as Salesforce Admin On-Demand, are designed to maximize the potential of these powerful platforms, ensuring your business leverages the full spectrum of features and capabilities offered by Salesforce. With our expert guidance, you can seamlessly transition between the Starter and Pro Suites as your business needs evolve, ensuring a scalable and efficient CRM solution.


The Salesforce Starter Suite is ideal for businesses seeking a fundamental, integrated solution for managing sales, service, and marketing. In contrast, the Salesforce Pro Suite is tailored for businesses requiring more advanced features and customization. The selection between Starter and Pro Suites depends on a business’s specific needs and growth stage. To ensure your business makes the most informed decision and reaps the full benefits of either Salesforce suite, choose XTIVIA as your trusted partner for implementation and managed services.

To embark on a transformative CRM journey tailored to your unique business needs, contact us today!

Salesforce Pro Suite Advanced Features for Business Growth

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