Currently, you may be in the market for a CRM solution, if you are, then you’ve probably seen that there are many options out in the marketplace for a viable CRM platform. A few of the better well-known solutions out that you’ll likely come across are Salesforce and Zoho CRM. You may want to take a further deep dive into Zoho, but out of these two, there is no doubt we’d always recommend utilizing Salesforce. It’s the tool we utilize within our company. For us, it was a very easy decision and there are numerous reasons why you would want to leverage Salesforce over Zoho for your business.

Zoho Vs. Salesforce
Before we jump into the reasons why Salesforce is the superior solution for us, we do want to point out, that if cost is by far your number one most important decision criteria, then Zoho may be a better fit for your organization. It is going to come in at a much lower price point than Salesforce. However, with the lower price point, comes fewer bells and whistles.

There is no getting around it, Salesforce is the industry standard when it comes to CRM. It has the best reputation on the market and while it may cost more than a tool like Zoho, it is the best tool when it comes to innovation. The customizability you have when on the Salesforce platform is simply put, endless. No two businesses are the same. With Salesforce, you can take it and make it your own so that it 100% mirrors your business needs and processes, no matter which facet of your business you may be leveraging Salesforce for.

Salesforce compared to Zoho is a much easier tool to use when scaling your business. Zoho is great for small business. However, if your small business is growing and growing rapidly, Salesforce is the platform you will need. You can start small and continue to add-on to the platform, whether it be through configuration, customizations, or easily add on any of the thousands of Salesforce approved Applications from their Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce Appexchange
Speaking of the Salesforce AppExchange, this is one area that cannot be touched when it comes to Salesforce. Think of the AppExchange as a huge shopping mall of endless options of tools that you can plug and play into your Salesforce instance. With over 3,000 applications that vary all over from Marketing, Productivity, Document, Phone integration, and so much more, you can continue to add-on tools into your Salesforce instance that can help you increase the productivity of your team.

One other area where Salesforce wins out over Zoho is just the platform itself. Salesforce’s platform can be leveraged to build out completely custom applications to tie in with virtually any facet of your organization. In our line of business, we’ve built completely custom mobile applications, calendaring applications, quoting applications and more, all through the Salesforce platform. Not only does Salesforce offer the top CRM on the market, it also has the top platform to which you can build out completely custom applications for any other process you may need to be automated for your organization.

There are many other reasons you may choose Salesforce over Zoho, but the ones listed above are just a few. These are some of the thoughts we had in mind when we decided to go with Salesforce. While we may have started small and with the basics, we grew the product over time and throughout our company, which has allowed us to properly scale our business with no hiccups along the way from our technology.

Should you ever have any questions about why Salesforce may be the right tool for you and your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out and learn more.

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