While Infor CRM works on most browsers, there are certain features that require the installation and configuration of the Infor CRM Desktop Manager.

These features are:

  1. Mail Merge (Currently only works with Internet Explorer 32 bit and a 32 bit version of Microsoft Word)
  2. Drag and Drop of Emails from Outlook to Infor CRM
  3. Outlook Integration Features (Send to CRM / Record to History, Address Book Integration and Calendar/Contact sync)
  4. Export Notes/History to Word

Here’s how you install and configure the desktop manager:

1) On the Login screen of the Infor CRM Web Client, click on the “Install Enhancements” button:


2) You will be prompted to download and save a file to your computer.

3) Once this file is downloaded, close your browser and Outlook (if it is running).

4) Run the file to install it (you may need Administrative privileges to do so).

5) Once the installation is complete, it should launch the Infor CRM Desktop Manager

6) Enter your organization’s information and your Infor CRM credentials:

The Portal URL should end in /sdata

If your organization uses windows authentication, you can check the “User Windows Authentication” checkbox and leave the User and Password fields blank.


7) Click Test to ensure that your settings are correct. You should see a message like this:



If you don’t, then the error message often indicates the cause of the issue. Some common errors are:

  • Connection Error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

    This typically indicates an issue with your username or password. Try re-entering these. If it still does not work, ensure your account has not been locked out due to too many invalid login attempts (you can try this by attempting to log into the main web client, it will notify you on the login screen if your account is locked).

  • Connection Error: The remote name could not be resolved.

    This typically indicates an issue with your Portal URL. Verify this by copying that URL into a browser and see if you can access the Infor CRM website. (You may need to change the /sdata at the end of the URL to /slxclient).

8) If your connection is successful, click OK and you are ready to use the Infor CRM desktop manager!

9) In Outlook you should see the Infor CRM Integration components on the Toolbar



Additional Technical Notes:

1) The desktop manager can be launched manually from these paths::

  • On Windows XP/2003: C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataSage
  • On Windows Vista/7/8/10/2008: C:Users<username>AppDataLocalSage

2) Once you setup the Desktop Manager, if you keep getting a prompt that the SendSLX failed due to SData not being setup correctly you can erase all the queued messages from outlook by deleting them from the appropriate directory:

  • On Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataSalesLogixOutlookTempMailDir
  • On Windows Vista/7/8/10/2008: c:usersusernameappdataroamingsaleslogixoutlooktempmaildir

3) Sometimes the outlook add-in gets auto-disabled by Outlook. To re-enable it you have to go to Outlook Options –> Add-ins –> Select the “Disabled Items” and hit Go –> Then re-enable the plugin

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