Using MuleSoft as a platform integrator has several major benefits. In addition to its affordability and accessibility, Mule makes data integration easier and more attainable than any other provider.

Why Mule?

You might be asking, “Why do I need a platform integration tool?”. Well, integrating applications with SaaS systems and databases can greatly increase your company’s productivity, access to business insights, and ultimately, its revenue. Without a reliable platform to connect systems and communicate data across environments, your business could fail to provide customers with the best service and employees with the right information. Mule can do that.

To shed some light on why MuleSoft is the best choice for an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), here are a few prominent benefits.

1. It works for any size of business:

Whether your company has 20 employees or 300 employees, small data or big data, MuleSoft can be deployed for seamless integration and connectivity. Today’s marketplace requires businesses of all sizes to employ the use of applications, web services, and other technologies to support their business goals. Whatever size your business is or however many applications are under your watch, integration and connectivity challenges manifest in all organizations. This is a big differentiator for Mule; other integration platforms are designed solely for enterprise businesses. Mule is designed for all companies needing an integration platform.

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Databases, transaction systems, eCommerce websites, etc.; Mule helps connect all of those tools — allowing information to flow between them — so your business can make the most of the data they hold and services they provide. No matter how much data you have in the cloud or on-premise, no matter how many applications or web services you use, MuleSoft will help your business make the most of its technology.

2. Versatility for connecting applications/systems:

Connecting applications and SaaS of any kind shouldn’t be hard. That’s the idea that MuleSoft had in mind when building their platform (offering an open-source community edition) and designing their integration services. Companies use millions of cloud and mobile applications, but these need to be connected to various software and databases. MuleSoft offers that connection without discrimination of application or software.

3. Easier to implement and train:

First, Mule uses the same tools Java developers already know (Maven, Spring, etc.), XML configuration, and a graphical “drag/drop” environment. With the right training for existing developers, implementing Mule can be quick and efficient.

Second, MuleSoft is dedicated to giving users a platform to connect their applications with a pristine communication architecture, it’s their main objective (though it does have accompanying tools for REST and SOAP services). Because of this, Mule is easier to implement than other service providers.

4. Lightweight and low cost:

At most, the max distribution for Mule is 200 MB; that’s light. And the simplified design removes unwanted modules, again saving space. In addition to the small size, it’s also light in its implementation and costs. The effort put into installation can be minimal, the training can be faster than that of other providers, and the time spent around your company’s integration initiatives can be minimal. It’s lightweight in multiple areas.

In addition to lightweight usage, Mule comes with a lightweight cost. Mule’s community (Mule Kernel) edition is open source and available through the MuleSoft website. That being said, the Kernel doesn’t offer users the same advantages or features provided in the Enterprise Edition. Even at the Enterprise level, compared with other providers, Mule is still the leader in keeping its platform affordable.


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There are a lot of benefits and reasons for implementing Mule as your application and system integrator; the biggest being that it helps your business. The versatility, the accessibility, the low cost — these are just a few ways that MuleSoft can do that.

To learn more about the full spectrum of advantages MuleSoft services can offer your business, contact us to speak with one of our MuleSoft experts. No matter what your needs may be, XTIVIA will help you develop and implement a fail-safe strategy for your integration goals. We also have more great information in our MuleSoft blog!

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