Integration solutions between Salesforce and Epicor can be revolutionary for any company wanting a comprehensive solution between their ERP and CRM platforms. The benefits extend beyond improving internal communications and customer relations, and in most cases, companies find numerous advantages around business operations and fulfillment of customer data. Here are just a few ways that Salesforce-Epicor integrations can help your business.

Succinct Data Entry and 360-degree Customer View

One of the biggest problems facing businesses today is the lack of actionable visibility around customer data. When we say, “actionable visibility,” we’re talking about the ability to create a 360-degree view of each customer using concise data collection and allocation. When you have a Salesforce-Epicor integration, your business can provide the right teams with a single view of every customer. Each system takes data from the other and collects it in a way that offers a single source of customer data.

This visibility presents the opportunity to provide exceptional customer experience, as well as instill your confidence in the data your employees need to access. You’re more likely to close sales, lock-in loyal clientele, and improve the overall efficiency of your sales and customer support teams.

Robust Dashboards and Automation

Another significant aspect of Salesforce-Epicor integrations is the ability to use Salesforce’s robust collection of dashboard capabilities to give management/sales reps better insight into customer data. Although Epicor does have significant dashboards and reporting functions, they’re nowhere close to the cache of options a business can leverage in Salesforce. Additionally, Salesforce also has powerful automation services to support various teams. Sales professionals can use email automation to reach out to customers, set up notifications for follow-up on unfulfilled orders and check-in processes. At the same time, your other teams can write automations for back-office accounting needs and supplier updates.

Integration Customization

We’ve blogged about the effectiveness of custom Salesforce-Epicor integrations before, and although out-of-the-box solutions can be helpful, there’s nothing quite like a customized environment. When you opt for a custom integration between Salesforce and Epicor, you open your business to a tailor-made solution that targets your specific pain points. As a bonus, most customizations use standard objects in the software, which makes it upgrade safe on both ends of the system. The ultimate deliverable is seamless connectivity that matches your needs and stands the test of time.

Project Versatility

Most companies will cycle through large scale operations for bigger clients and smaller ticket items for small-medium sized organizations. With Salesforce and Epicor, you get a system that addresses both sides of the spectrum. While Salesforce is excellent at tracking big order operations, Epicor is great for quoting smaller orders and single ticket entries. On both ends, you get to use both applications with accessible data for your entire team.


The cost of technology will always be a prominent driver in decision-making, and Salesforce-Epicor integrations offer unique licensing options to provide lower upfront costs as well as annual fees. As separate entities, your business will be paying for initial licensing on both ends, but when you bring one system into the other, you avoid the need to scale up on either side. Thus, by integrating your two environments, you end up saving a significant amount of money and time.

When you integrate these two applications, you’re not only benefiting from their reliability and versatility, but you’re positioning your employees to make the most of every day. With accurate and encapsulating customer data, powerful reporting, and the ability to address several areas of your business, you’re able to improve communication and efficiency across the board.

If your company is looking for a partner to implement a superior integration solution, reach out to us here, and get started on custom integration to match your business. Whether you already have both systems in place or have a pre-packaged integration solution, we’ve handled any integration to level-up connectivity between the two applications, and we’d love to help you.

Watch a demo on EPICOR and Salesforce Integration from our experts here.

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