Recently, I handled a client who is using CommVault for their backup and recovery application that was having issues with the agent installed on their DB2 database.

My background as an Oracle DBA and a CommVault Certified Engineer allowed me to quickly identify the agent installed on the client machine for the DB2 database was incorrectly configured.  Upon initial review I recognized the agent was installed with no sub-client for log files. After further investigation I found that the documentation provided online by CommVault was not allowing for the sub-client to successfully backup the logs.


Being very familiar with the CommVault support process I opened up a ticket for the client with CommVault and pursued support aggressively. The support engineers at CommVault support the installation of the various components of the CommVault software however, the majority of them are NOT database administrators.


Through my proactive actions with CommVault I was able to get a CommVault developer of the DB2 agent on the call with us and we discovered:

a. The online documentation was lacking information and needed to be updated.

b. The customer’s current configuration was incorrect and they were not obtaining backups that would allow point-in-time recovery.

c. I was able to get the DB2 agent configured correctly and created a sub-client for the logs.

d. Obtained successful database and log backup.


XTIVIA provides CommVault support services to assist clients with their CommVault environment. We are Database Administrators and understand how your particular database works.  We understand backup and recovery requirements. Additionally, we can assist you with reviewing your current CommVault environment and provide consulting services prior to having CommVault do the on-site implementation.

It is important to XTIVIA that your backups actually work and that the CommCell is configured with the proper storage policies, agents, schedules, libraries and media agents.  And as Database Administrators we understand “WHAT YOU NEED”. We are not interested in just installing as many agents as possible or selling you product. If you are using CommVault as your backup and recovery software we want you to have a recoverable environment and that is the BOTTOM LINE!

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