Is your company considering using CommVault’s Simpana Backup software to backup your database’s and other applications?

I am a certified CommVault Software Engineer and also an Oracle Certified (OCP) 10g Database Administrator. Having previously worked for CommVault as an On-Site Database Consultant, I have experience with the complete implementation of CommVault Galaxy and Simpana software.  Also, having worked for Oracle Corporation for nine years in database support I have many years experience with customers not being able to recover from their backups.

CommVault is a great company that has great software however, how and when do you use it? Does your company really understand Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) and what it takes to be fully redundant with your backups?


The database administrators at XTIVIA can help you understand your backup and recovery requirements. Additionally, we can help you with hardware requirements, mean time to recovery (MTTR) requirements and other pertinent information to make sure your company survives a database disaster.

CommVault requires an on-site consultant to implement all software and agents when you purchase their software.  XTIVIA can help reduce costs to your organization by performing a pre on-site review with you so that you get the most out of the CommVault on-site engagement. We will help you identify your backup requirements and the required agents in order to get the backups done.

XTIVIA can help you set up backup policies, storage policies, schedules, media agents, backup agents and much more.  We can do a complete health report check to help you identify how the CommCell is currently configured and what is actually being backed up in your enterprise environment.


Save time and money by bringing in XTIVIA consultants if you are considering implementing CommVault Software. We are Database Administrators and are focused on how backups should be taken and we are greatly concerned about the success of your restores and recoveries.

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