I gave my third presentation today for the finals of the DB2’s Got Talent contest given by the good folks at the DB2Night Show.  I found out that I’ve made it to the final round!  Thanks to everyone that voted for me!  (I’ll have to ask you to vote for me again.)

Today I talked about a really useful tool called ‘db2pd’.  This tool is based on the ‘onstat’ tool from Informix and IBM first put it into version 8.2 of DB2.

My presentation got some great feedback from the judges and I tried to make it enjoyable and educational.  Please view the replay to see if I succeeded.  I start at around the 41:30 mark.

You can view it here:


Also the bottom of that page has a quick voting ballot.  You can even vote for me if you don’t have time to watch the replay.  Your vote counts the same either way.  But you would miss out on some interesting DB2 stuff.

Thanks for your support!

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