• Informix 11.50 FC3  /  AIX 6.1
  • Genero BDL 2.11.03  / Genero GDC 2.02 / License Manager 5.15.
Error: Listener-thread: err = -408: oserr = 0: errstr = : Invalid message type received from the sqlexec process.
One of our Virtual-DBA clients called to report an issue with one of their daily processes.  Although it had been running fine for a couple of months, it suddenly started to fail with a core dump file.  I was asked to check for any database abnormalities. From the database perspective, except for the error mentioned above, I didn’t see any other issues during the time that it was generating errors.  The Informix “finderr” utility was hinting towards a communication error between the database server and the library function that makes the call. An O/S error was reporting “SYSPROC SOFTWARE PROGRAM ABNORMALLY TERMINATED” during this time.  We noticed that a restart of the License Manager just before the process was started would cause everything to run fine and complete the process successfully. This indicated that something was killing the License Manager process before the daily process started, resulting in the error.

Finally, after a little effort, we found that the client had changed the default port from 6399 to 7000 for the License Manager process so that they could use another version of the product. Port number 7000 was already being used for another process.  Once we assigned a new port, the issue was resolved and going forward we didn’t see any errors in the online.log or on the O/S side.

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