Well, I’m in the final 4 and I made my last presentation on the DB2Night Show’s “DB2’s Got Talent Contest 2012” last week.  I wanted to make it a fun and ‘edutaining’ presentation so I chose to do a parody of the American TV show “24”.  In the show Jack Bauer is a governement agent protecting the US against terrorist threats.  “24” was a great show and I liked how it was done in real-time and each season was made up of 24 one-hour episodes to cover a full 24-hour day of Jacks life.

I always thought it would be cool if Jack was also a DB2 DBA.  In my pesentation he saves the day by setting up a Disaster Recovery DB2 server in time for the Presendents WPS report to run after a massive drive failure on the production database server.

You can see my portion of the show along with a commercial from the shows sponsor, DBI Software, at this link:


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