We’re often asked, why can’t I login to the Infor CRM (SalesLogix) mobile client using my iPhone / iPad?

Here are some common things to check on your device:

1) Click on Settings   unnamed


2) Click on Safari –> Under Privacy and Security –> Block Cookies –> Always Allow



3) Go one step back…now scroll down and click on Advanced –> Make sure Javascript is set to ON.



4) Clear your Safari cache. This is done in 2 steps:

a) Click on “Clear History and Website Data”. Tap the Clear button when prompted.

Capture         clear-safari-history-and-website-data

b) Click on Advanced –> Website Data –> Remove All Website Data


Usually these steps should let you login to the mobile client if you try again.


Assuming the above does not resolve your issue, here are some additional things to try:

a) Try logging into the Mobile client using your regular desktop browser on your computer (Chrome / Firefox). If you cannot login there, it indicates either an issue with either the version of the Mobile client being incompatible with your version of iOS, or an issue with your login.

b) Verify your login works by logging into the Infor CRM web client using your credentials. Often a concurrent user is locked out of the system due to several invalid login attempts and is not made aware of this when they login to the mobile client.


If you need further assistance, call Xtivia’s CRM support line at 1-877-777-9779 and we’ll be happy to help you!


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