This year’s MDM & Data Governance Summit in NYC brought to the data management forefront industry leaders and the minds of innovative strategies for current and future states of MDM. Roughly 500 participants from more than 200 companies attended and were exposed to numerous tactical programs, new practices, and ideas on how organizations are handling data today and how they plan to orchestrate data governance practices in the coming years.

The conference capitalized on three primary principles the field ought to focus on for improved practices today and to prepare for the future of data governance.

First, there’s consensus that data governance is critical to successful MDM and data utilization. It should not be thought of as simply a “project,” but rather as a lifestyle chosen for MDM and data quality.

Secondly, the past decade has shown that the saying, “failure is not an option,” is no longer applicable. “Failure is always an option,” and is a result of misadvised choices. Everyone in the industry needs to take cautious steps and practice methodical decision-making when adjusting to changes and data implementation prior to cultural changes.

Finally, the mentality to maintain governance as a tool for business and the IT industry is an imperative.

Overall, the conference lent itself to engaging discussions and, most importantly, it was a healthy respite for one to really think through where they want their organization to be by adopting data governance.

For more information on the conference and XTIVIA’s Data Governance and MDM services, visit and be sure to check out our Live Session.

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