Version 8.1 CU03b of Infor CRM / SalesLogix introduced some really handy group options.


  • Columns setting
  • Hide extended group list on record selection
  • Stay In Detail View on Lookup
  • Display Extended Group list on Lookup


These options can be accessed when you are on the DETAIL view of any module. (They are not available when you are on the list view).



However the options are not very intuitive so I thought I’d explain them here in a blog post.

You’ll notice that they all refer to the “EXTENDED GROUP LIST”. This is a new feature whereby the web client has finally caught up to the SPLIT view that is available on the LAN client and it now allows you to see multiple columns from the group layout. (For v8.2 please see the update I’ve added below if you don’t see the extended group list).



So based on this information, lets look at the new options available:


1) Columns setting – this lets you limit how many columns from your group are displayed in the extended list view. For instance if you set this to 3, only the first 3 columns from your group will be displayed.

2) “Hide extended group list on record selection” – if this checkbox is CHECKED, when you click on one of the items in the group list, it will no longer show the extended group and will switch back to showing only the single column (as it did on previous versions). Why anyone would want this option is beyond me, maybe I’m missing a use-case?!? Please post in the comments below if you’re in the know!


3) Stay In Detail View on Lookup – if you are on a detail view and you perform a lookup, it will show you the results right away and not switch you back to the list view to show you lookup results like it used to. This is a great feature and I’d say this option should be checked by default.

4) Display Extended Group list on Lookup – Enabling this will make the extended group list show when you perform a lookup. I would assume that you’d want this option checked by default and you’d definitely want it checked if you’re using the “Hide extended group list on record selection” option.

Final Word: These options are set system-wide, so if you set it for the Account group, its used for groups for Contacts, Opportunities and any other module as well.

New Update!

In v8.2 I couldn’t get the Extended Group List to show. Turns out you have to click on the tiny down arrow on the right of the settings cog and that shows/hides the extended group list (see screenshot below). Thanks to my friend Tim “XTREME” Montgomery for pointing this one out!


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