What is Phonegap?

If you don’t already know, Phonegap is a cross platform framework that uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to build mobile applications.

Phonegap is a distribution of Apache Cordova (for all the gory details, see here). Apache Cordova is the technology that powers a Phonegap application, so if you were looking at Phonegap examples or code snippets and you saw Cordova… now you know why.

Why Phonegap?

1. Time savings

You basically write one piece of code that works on different platforms instead of creating a whole new project for every platform.

2. You don’t need to learn a new programming language

One big reason developers want to build an app with Phonegap is so they don’t have to learn Swift or Objective-C. If you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, of course you want to use those skills to build apps.

3. Cost

We mentioned that Phonegap saves time and obviously time is money. If that is not proof enough, you can look at reports from independent research firms like Forrester which indicates that HTML applications do, in fact, cost less over time that native apps. For more details, see this article at ReadWriteWeb.com, which is based upon this Forrester Report. Forrester says that enterprise development shops that plan on writing distinct native apps for each platform should plan on budget 150% to 210% higher than what might be reasonably expected.

4. Reputation

In addition to being an industry-leading tool, Phonegap was named technology of the year in 2012 by InfoWorld and was named Best Cross-Platform Development Tool by Code Project.

When not to use Phonegap

1. When you want the native look

Have you tried to mimic the iOS swipe left action using HTML and CSS? It’s just not going to look the same, so if the native look and feel is very important to you, you might want to go with a native app.

2. Speed

In general, native apps are faster than HTML apps. If the app speed is your main concern and priority, you should consider a native app.

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