Cloud-centric business is blowing up right now. No matter what your industry is, the cloud is making its way in. However, cloud solutions need to be different for each business. Salesforce is making headway around customized cloud services for various industries. Here’s a look at what Salesforce has been doing around cloud solutions for Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Insurance, and carbon neutrality.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud:

Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud is the newest industry-specific addition to Salesforce’s collection of cloud products. Manufacturing is an industry that requires predictability and flexibility. The new manufacturing cloud offers visibility and collaboration between the departments to meet the ebb and flow of customer demands. By providing efficient sales agreement processes, account-based forecasting functionality, and robust customer interaction services, the manufacturing cloud addresses the needs of manufacturing companies.

In addition to the manufacturing cloud, Salesforce also released manufacturing-related functions to its Customer 360 platform, including:

Community Cloud for Manufacturing

  • Offers pre-built templates for manufacturing-specific purposes, and allows companies to send their sales agreements to partners and clientele.

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing

  • With centralized data sources, managers have access to vital KPIs for account health, sales agreement progress, and more to proactively engage with their clients and teams.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Integrations

  • Having the opportunity for Manufacturers to connect their Manufacturing Cloud to numerous systems and data sources is a great advantage. Department leaders can automate a variety of processes, create customer/industry forecasts, and drive automation across sales channels.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud:

The Consumer Goods industry needed modern solutions to weed out outdated software, spreadsheet workflows, and inaccurate reports for regulating product shipment, store placement, and opportunities. With Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud offering, your company can replace these antiquated methods with streamlined consumer goods services for field reps and department leaders. Many of the previously tedious processes for field reps — for example, store inventory and pricing/promotion alignment — are now streamlined, allowing reps to focus on sales and partner relationships.

Some essential features of the Consumer Goods Cloud include the following:

Capture Orders and Data

  • Reps can leverage the mobile application to enter store visit data quickly, capture orders, and collect product, pricing, and quantity data. Assigned tasks can be done in the palm of their hand. Reports can be made in a matter of minutes.

Einstein AI for Consumer Goods

  • Enabling the Einstein Vision for Consumer Goods gives users an interface to optimize processes like taking inventory, planogram/merchandise checks, and other functions to streamline auditing and partner relationship maintenance.

Improved Visit Planning/Execution

  • With in-app lists of prioritized and assigned visits, as well as suggested requirements, reps have concise ideas of their visits and operations. Additionally, during visits, reps will also have access to customized templates for specific stores and activities.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud:

Since releasing the Financial Services Cloud in 2015, Salesforce has had great success with it and continues to expand the breadth of its usage by introducing Insurance Innovations for Financial Services. For years, insurance companies have been trying to modernize their activities to match the demands of digital transformation and data-centric business. Salesforce’s Insurance Innovations answers that call with several functionalities to arm the insurance field with modern tools for the following activities:

Agent/Customer Service Rep Console

  • Insurance agents and representatives can have vital information of all kinds at their fingertips to help improve customer service and overall productivity. Whether it’s policyholder information, claims, coverage, etc., agents and insurance reps can be in the know at all times.

Life Events

  • Changes in policies happen all the time. Life Events offer a user-friendly portal to view all life event changes and respond accordingly.

Lightning Flows for Customer Service

  • The Lightning Experience has become a great way to streamline company CRM. Lightning Flows in Insurance Innovations gives the power of Lightning to insurance reps and agents.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud:

Salesforce has voiced a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and helping other companies do so too. With the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, businesses can gain a unique visualization of their environmental data. Using tracking features, analysis, and reporting functions, companies now have the option to keep a close watch over their emissions data and carbon footprint.

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These cloud offerings come in addition to Salesforce’s already popular industry-specific cloud services for Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Communications, and more. Though we can’t say for sure, it seems like Salesforce will come out with a cloud service for every industry as needed. For more information on Salesforce cloud, CRM, and more, check out our blog here.

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