Infor™CRM (formerly known as SalesLogix) is one of the longest running Customer Relationship Management Platforms on the Market. There are many reasons why Infor CRM has been around for so long and has been successfully supporting many business’ CRM needs over the years. Selecting Infor™CRM could be the best business decision for your company, learn more with XTIVIA.

Deployment Options

While some companies are moving all of their systems into the Cloud, that’s not the case with everyone. With Infor CRM, you have the ability to choose how and where you want your database hosted. Whether it’s in a Private Cloud, Infor’s Cloud servers (Amazon EC2), or on your own servers in-house, you have the ability to choose the option that is best for your company.

Flexible Licensing Options

Selecting Infor™CRM offers your business both Named and Concurrent User licenses. Infor is one of the few major CRM solutions offering the Concurrent user license type, a shared license among multiple users. Concurrent licenses can be a real cost saver for many companies. Infor also allows companies to mix-and-match license types.

License Cost

Infor CRM offers some flexible licensing payment options as they give you the ability to choose whether to buy, finance, or subscribe to your Infor CRM platform. For instance, if you go with the On-Premise solution you can choose to outright buy your product up-front (higher up-front cost, lower ongoing) or to receive subscription pricing, similar to the Cloud pricing model.

Powerful Reporting

Infor CRM offers one of the most powerful reporting solutions out of any of the CRM solutions on the market. Their powerful Query builder and Crystal Report writer allow companies the ability to create and view any type of report that they may need based on their data within the CRM database.

Infor ERP

If you’re a company that is already utilizing one of the many Infor ERP products, it is a no-brainer to look at implementing the Infor CRM product as your CRM solution. Infor has a middleware that will easily tie your CRM to your ERP, so now all of your sales reps will have a full 360-degree view of the customer at all times.

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