Work Operating Systems (Work OS) are driving the agility needed in today’s digital and distanced climate. The new remote business model requires workflows that encourage project management, cross-team collaboration, pipeline cycling, and overall workspace operations, no matter where we are. Integrated workplace solutions like Work Operating Systems (Work OS) give companies the power to bypass the challenges of remote work and build prolific workflows.

What is Work OS?

Work OS refers to cloud-based software that enables various departments and business teams to build custom workflows and processes. Whether you’re working in Sales, Marketing, or Accounting, Work OS offers your team the tools to organize and execute projects, track progress and metrics, and deliver on your company’s mission. And, regardless of your industry or customer basis, the building blocks for applications, workflows, and reports provide a centralized hub to get the job done.

Another major benefit of Work OS is its potential for minimizing mundanities that plague the workday. Although they’re seemingly minute, the presence of repetitive tasks has become a thorn in the side of many businesses, often costing trillions of dollars on wasted time. Work OS puts a cap on that, keeping menial tasks at bay through system integrations and process automations.

As a growing technology in workplace innovation, Work OS platforms are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. In turn, businesses are embarking on the familiar buyer’s journey to find the product that meets their needs. However, one platform we recommend to check all the boxes is You can try it for free HERE.

XTIVIA isn’t just a partner, we’re also a success story. Since implementing for Work OS, teams have amplified our collaboration efforts and streamlined project fulfillment in numerous areas. The level of visibility given to our departments had significantly contributed to uncovering areas of improvement and overcoming operational silos. It’s a game-changer, no doubt about that.

To see how’s Work OS can revitalize your business, let’s look at how you can apply it to your organization’s different facets.

Leveraging Work OS Across Your Business

Work OS for Sales & Marketing

Organizing every detail of your sales and marketing strategy can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to qualifying leads and nurturing them through the sales funnel. With, you can build out templates for managing all qualified leads from marketing and sales qualified leads to product and service qualified leads.

Marketing teams can easily track their progress around inbound campaigns, monitor site traffic and form fills, and handoff leads to sales without leaving the platform. Similarly, sales reps can integrate’s Work OS with their existing CRM system and other tools to build accurate dashboards to show each opportunity’s status. While both teams collaborate throughout the sales cycle, they can also get a bird’s eye view of team member performance output to help provide better feedback. Integrations for Sales & CRM Integrations for Marketing Integrations for Project Management

Work OS for IT

IT teams have a hefty load on their back — hardware management, data management, and overseeing network operations includes a long list of duties. helps IT teams organize and execute their tasks with tools to match their specific methodologies, be it agile, waterfall, or a hybrid approach. Because it allows for organization-wide input and review, managers can delegate resources and organize brainstorming sessions throughout the process.

Additionally, developers can use real-time data reporting capabilities to help monitor progress with simplified visuals to keep the cross-department communications more straightforward. Once the project has been completed, additional templates can help keep track of essential updates, software upgrades, tech stack deployments, and hardware needs. Integrations for IT/Software Development

Work OS for HR & Finance

HR teams are inundated with company information and employee documentation, which is why having an easy-to-navigate platform to find it all is key. Whether they’re in the process of onboarding new talent, organizing employee surveys, or processing payroll, they need a hub to get what they need. Not only does offer HR teams the project management and collaboration mentioned above, but it also enables effective document finding and coordination to align HR needs with every employee.

Your team can build out dashboards to manage benefits programs, plan and launch recruitment strategies, and complete essential paperwork for every employee. With numerous filtering options, you can quickly see which employees need what and keep digital copies of their paperwork.

Regarding accounting and finance, delivers the luxury of automation to a variety of day-to-day procedures. Users can implement time-tracking automations to alleviate billable complexities, bills and other charges can be tracked automatically uploaded to integrated accounting systems. Automated reporting can help teams better understand their cost accounting through financial analysis. You can also set up notifications to stay on top of preparing financial statements and maintain your books and business ledger. Integrations for HR & Finance

Choosing the Work OS Tool for You

When you outline the effects of Work OS, especially from, it’s easy to see its potential to maximize productivity in different departments. However, it becomes a tool to merge teams into a collaborative workforce chasing the same goal when applied and adopted throughout the organization. That kind of community ethic empowers better business and drives success. We know it from experience.

If you’re curious about Work OS or, get your free trial here or reach out to us. One team’s journey from cluttered spreadsheet and ineffective to-do lists, to “OS Success” they have accumulated a treasure trove of best practices (and worst practices) of how to implement and ensure adoption across your organization. We can help you on your process improvement journey. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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