The TIBCO EMS appliance reduces administrative and infrastructure costs by simplifying the management of large implementations and globally distributed systems. However, TIBCO is scheduled to retire this product by September 2023.

Our client has many TIBCO BusinessWorks(BW) applications and other external applications that currently use TIBCO EMS as a messaging platform. Like our client, several organizations will need to look at alternatives to migrate from the EMS appliance, seamlessly ensuring no impact on their operations. XTIVIA worked with their client to evaluate the following options

  • Migrate to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging platform
  • Migrate the EMS Client application to use other existing messaging servers.
  • Continue using the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance.
  • EMS On-premise Solution

Each option comes with its own challenges and risks.

Migrate to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging Platform

Migrating to the Cloud Messaging Platform was not an option for our client since they currently run their TIBCO BW applications on-premise and are not ready to migrate BW applications to the cloud. Connecting on-premise BW applications to Cloud EMS servers was not the ideal solution due to performance and security concerns.

Migrate to Existing Messaging Servers

Although this solution would be effective, it was a high risk due to the code changes required for a large number of applications and extensive testing. There was also the risk that applications might use the EMS-specific features that may not exist on the new platform.

Continue Using the TIBCO Appliance

Since TIBCO is retiring the product, that meant no upgrades, patches, or bug fixes, and our client would be responsible for supporting the appliance. Since the applications integrated with the EMS appliance are business-critical, this is clearly not an option.

EMS On-premise Solution

This solution requires that EMS software be installed on Virtual Machine (VM) and managed explicitly by the organization. This solution requires additional hardware, effort for installation & configuration, and server monitoring. Synchronize the EMS server’s state and migrate the EMS client applications to point to the new EMS server.

Considering the factors, risks, effort, and compliance, XTIVIA recommended the EMS On-premise Solution, even though it required additional hardware, and installation & configuration effort, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

There are several benefits:

  • TIBCO Supports the EMS Software
  • The solution is Compliant with TIBCO EMS Appliance Servers
  • No Application Code Changes
  • Minimal Configuration Changes (Only URL Updates Required)
  • Minimal Regression Testing Required.

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