When it comes to reliable and accurate reporting services, we highly recommend TIBCO Jaspersoft for your business, big or small. No matter your industry, having a direct view of the various facets of your business is critical for growth. With Jaspersoft at the head of your Business Intelligence (BI) initiative, that’s exactly what you get.

Though we could go on and on about why we like Jaspersoft, we’ll keep it brief. Here are our top five reasons to consider leveraging Jaspersoft as your primary reporting software.

1) Flexibility

Typical legacy systems keep most organizations in the dark and under-utilized data can spell-out the end of upward growth for your business. The symptoms most companies see are little-to-no connectivity between their data and deployment options are nearly nonexistent. Additionally, old APIs and shattered upgrade paths leave them stuck in a place where innovation is just not possible.

Using an extremely flexible architecture to match your needs, Jaspersoft is a perfect solution to rigid BI environments. Jaspersoft can easily connect to any of your data sources and no matter what your environment looks like, deployment is simple. Using RESTful API, you can build stronger, more stable applications that fit into the modern framework of your company. And the cherry on top is that Jaspersoft is customizable; the JaspersoftReport Server can be extended to any data source. From Mysql to Oracle, Informix to SQL Server, Postgre to MongoDB – whatever you’re company uses, Jaspersoft connects to it.

2) Affordability

With most reporting software — and enterprise software, in general — the cost is based on how many users will be on the software and licensing them. Even if you only have ten users, you’re still paying a pretty penny for one of their licenses. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the amount of money you’ll dish out for maintenance, support, upgrades, and other charges. By the time you’ve developed a single actionable item, you’ve already paid a lot.

Keeping the user’s budget in mind, the cost of Jaspersoft doesn’t depend on how many users you have. Instead, the required computer power or CPU cores is how the price is determined, and once that’s done, there are no more upgrade charges. Your system will stay up-to-date and tuned for as long as you’d like.

3) Easy Migration Path

Introducing a reporting platform can be incredibly hectic. The typical migration path of data and information can not only run up the cost, but it can slow down productivity in several ways. CPU usage could be running way up, your employees could be waiting on information, and the organization as a whole may slow down when migration takes too long. Additionally, some providers might even have you install more hardware, which never picks up the pace.

Thankfully, migrating data, reports, users, and customer information is a breeze with Jaspersoft. The straightforward pathway from your legacy support server to your new Jaspersoft reporting system is designed in a way that significantly reduces downtime and costs. In some cases, using the Jaspersoft migration path, businesses have seen up to 40 percent reduction in CPU usage and saved money on hardware, infrastructure, and downtime. With Jaspersoft, the migration path is as simple and cost-effective.

4) Accurate Reporting

Having genuine business intelligence and insight is only useful if the reports are based on clean data and information. For so many organizations surviving on legacy systems, their data is riddled with duplicates, islands of automation, and a total disconnect between their older applications. When the environment looks like this, the reports they get will typically be inaccurate and their business insights won’t bear any value in the marketplace.

In Jaspersoft, making better decisions has never been easier (or faster). By connecting to all of your applications, servers, and business processes, Jaspersoft gives your users a 360-degree view of your organization and offers useful information to make better business decisions. With accurate, overarching reports, there’s more room to grow and improve your company.

5) Great Features

Maybe your legacy reporting system is holding you back, but the amount of information and other features you like about them are things you can’t sacrifice. There’s a lot of great features of your current system: print-ready reports, interactive HTML5 charts, easy and diverse export options, mobile-ready, and so on. Moving to a whole new reporting system might risk losing all the conveniences of your current system.

One of the best parts about Jaspersoft is that you won’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to your favorite features of your current system. Not only does Jaspersoft offer everything mentioned above, but it comes with a variety of other add-ons. Self-service reporting, multi-tenant support, advanced JavaScript embedding, Data agnostic architecture, and more. In the end, you’ll gain far more than you’ll lose by moving your business reporting to Jaspersoft.

With our help, you could be reaping the numerous benefits of a Jaspersoft reporting solution today. Not only do we offer licensing and servicing, but XTIVIA will be your lifelong partner for all of your reporting needs.

For more information on how your organization can leverage Jaspersoft for improved success, feel free to reach out to XTIVIA today.

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