Talend Open Studio does (TOS) not have versioning like the Talend Integration Suite (TIS). In order to set up versioning for TOS we decided to use Tortoise SVN as the client & Slik SVN as the server.

After installing Tortoise SVN & Slik SVN, close TOS if you have it open.

Using Windows Explorer go to the network drive and folder where you would like to create the repository. Right Click, select ‘Tortoise SVN’ and then ‘Create repository here’.

The Repository will be created:


Click on ‘Create folder structure’ and ‘Start Repobrowser’.


Go to your Talend workspace (C:TalendTOS_DI-Win32-r110020-V5.4.0workspace) and select your project folder. Right click and select ‘SVN Checkout…’.



Your project should be part of the repository now. You can now check out and check in projects as needed.

Before checking in files always do an SVN Update and resolve any existing conflicts.

If your files do not appear, right click on ‘Job Designs’ in the Repository panel and select ‘Import items’.



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