So, you have been using Xbar and love all the great features, but oops Xbar just disappeared. Now what? Xbar missing is an easy fix, just follow the options below:

From Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to File|Manage: COM Add-ins
    If you see the XBAR listed as disabled (similar to the screenshot below) you can click on the Always enable this add-in button.
  2. XBAR missing

  3. Or if that does not work, in Microsoft Outlook click on File|Options|Add-ins on the left.
    At the bottom of the screen is a Manage drop-down, change that to Disabled Items and click Go…
  4. XBAR missing

    If you see the Infor CRM Outlook Connector or XBAR add-in listed there, highlight it and click on Enable.

    XBAR missing

  5. And if that does not work, in Outlook click on File|Options|Click on Add-ins on the left.
    At the bottom of the screen is a Manage drop-down, choose COM Add-Ins and click Go…

    Click on the Infor CRM Outlook Connector and make sure it is checked.

    You may have to close Outlook and restart and check this checkbox one more time before the XBAR loads. Also, please note it takes a few seconds to load after you click the checkbox.

  6. XBAR missing

  7. Last but not least, if one of these steps does not resolve the issue, then you typically have to uninstall and reinstall the XBAR to make the buttons show up again. Click here to see our Xbar Installation Video.
    • When this is done please ensure that:

    • Outlook is closed completely
    • The XBAR installation is Run as Administrator.
      (Omitting this step usually causes the Outlook to Infor CRM Address book integration to fail).

XTIVIA is always here to help. If we can assist you with Step #4 or any other of the above steps, let our CRM team of experts help you just complete the form on this page.

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