Denver, Co, September 19, 2017 –(, Inc., a growing provider of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting and Data Warehouse solutions, today announced a partnership with Genesee Academy, a leading provider of world class training and certification for data warehousing, data vault, ensemble modeling, data integration and business intelligence professionals. XTIVIA’s partnership with Genesee Academy enables them to deliver added value to their Business Intelligence solutions suite, specifically around data vault modeling that often requires unique knowledge and expertise. XTIVIA delivers that expertise across many of the most popular Business Intelligence solutions – including products from Tibco, Microsoft, Information Builders, and IBM – all while utilizing an entirely U.S.-based team of Business Intelligence professionals. “We wanted a firm with a proven track record of delivering top notch training and instructors who are active data vault practitioners in their fields”, said Steven Seeber, XTIVIA Senior Director of Business Intelligence.
Hans Hultgren, President, Genesee Academy LLC commented on the partnership stating “I am especially excited to work with XTIVIA given their long track record of excellence over two and half decades” and Hultgren also referenced “their [XTIVIA] expert focus on delivering BI and DW Solutions.” Commenting about working together, Hultgren observed that bringing agility into business intelligence and data warehousing “requires us to expand agile thinking and agile techniques into the data modeling and architecture areas”. A first step in the new partnership will be to “kick off a set of courses beginning in Q4 2017 to accomplish just that.”

Since 1992, XTIVIA has established a proven national reputation as a company, delivering leading edge professional solutions to our clients’ specific requirements, regardless of the complexity of the project. We specialize in Database Management, Portals & App Development, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management. XTIVIA has offices in Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Missouri with consultants nationwide, employing a world-class team of high quality, 100% U.S. based experts.

About Genesee Academy:
Genesee Academy is a world leader in training, seminars and advising for data warehousing, data vault, ensemble modeling, data integration and business intelligence professionals.
At Genesee Academy, we are committed to helping professionals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue opportunities in today’s fastest growing career fields.
Genesee Academy provides certification programs that are based on the current leading best practices and real life experiences.

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