COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. and NUREMBERG, Germany, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — XTIVIA, Inc., a leading IT solutions, consulting, and development company, and ownCloud, the company behind the world’s most popular open source Enterprise File Access solution, today announced their Partnership. As sole Partner of ownCloud for North America and Canada, XTIVIA will serve existing and future ownCloud customers in this region, providing local services and support.

ownCloud’s solution helps enterprises to keep sensitive files secure and private and to avoid data leakage. The customer decides where to host their data and can determine what data goes to what services in the cloud and, what stays within the enterprise.

ownCloud recognized that existing cloud storage and file sharing solutions have some major problems for companies who need a higher level of security, privacy, and control. For many companies, especially those in the financial services, healthcare, or government sectors, putting sensitive company and customer data “in the cloud” means you are limited to the security, access control, and data governance policies of the cloud hosting company. This may not be the level your company needs to stay compliant with company policies or governmental regulatory standards.

“With the very public hack of 68 million Dropbox accounts, we believe there is a major market for a solution that keeps a company’s sensitive data off the public cloud infrastructure. Having a Private Cloud means higher security, tighter controls, and fewer vulnerabilities for our customers who need it. And with our other data, application, and consulting solutions, ownCloud helps position us very well to provide secure, private, and custom data solutions to our customers.”
Dennis Robinson, CEO of XTIVIA

“We have been looking for the right partner to penetrate the U.S. market with our Enterprise File Access Solution and are excited about working with XTIVIA. Winning a partner with such deep experience and expertise across a broad array of data management technologies was not easy to find,”
Tobias Gerlinger, CEO & Managing Director of ownCloud.


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About ownCloud

Organizations that must share confidential data internally and externally rely on ownCloud’s on-premises enterprise Universal File Access platform. Only ownCloud gives IT the visibility and control required to manage sensitive data, preserve business processes, and integrate with existing compliant infrastructures while offering users the modern collaboration experience they demand. This is made possible through ownCloud’s open, modular architecture, extreme extensibility and unique federated cloud sharing capabilities. For more information, visit:

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