Colorado Springs, CO. – Monday, June 22: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, XTIVIA is partnering with SoftwareAG to provide business solutions for companies needing an extra level of safety for their employees. XTIVIA plans to deliver thermal imaging and PPE/proximity detection technology with multi-location reporting, visual analytics and more to maintain safe conditions in any work environment through this partnership.

“Resiliency in the face of COVID-19 means enhanced employee safety,” said Dennis Robinson, XTIVIA CEO. “For many of our customers, their employees don’t have the luxury of remote work, and by offering worker health and safety solutions with Software AG, we can help them keep essential onsite workers employed and operations intact.”

The new offerings include automated PPE screening for all onsite employees, contact tracing and proximity monitoring and HIPAA-compliant thermal imaging with fever detection across the board, from production staff to management. When systems detect an employee isn’t wearing their PPE or has a temperature above 100.4° F (38° C), a notification is sent out, recorded in the log and supervisors can intervene to provide PPE or the necessary medical help.

“Right now, being safe isn’t just a way to keep our businesses afloat, but a way to uphold our duty of minimizing the spread of COVID-19,” Robinson said. “Whether you’re implementing new software to permit employees to work from home or to monitor employees in their workplace, technology is the key to keeping your teams safe now and in the future.”

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Deborah Guinan, XTIVIA, Marketing Manager

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