COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — XTIVIA, a leading information technology, data solutions provider, and Premier IBM Business Partner announced the acquisition of 55 percent interest in STONS (Second to None Solutions).

This acquisition will greatly benefit both XTIVIA and STONS existing and future customers. STONS brings the ability to re-sell all IBM Software lines and XTIVIA has the technical delivery capabilities to help customers with all IBM products.

“This acquisition furthers XTIVIA’s strategy by enhancing our IBM Software expertise and expanding our delivery capabilities,” said XTIVIA, CEO Dennis Robinson. “Combining the respective strengths of XTIVIA and STONS accelerates our business plan and is a significant step toward our goal of transforming business through the use of information technology.”

XTIVIA customers can now enjoy a one-stop shop for all of their IBM requirements. Software licensing experts will help XTIVIA customers to be aligned with vendor compliance policies and with a wider range of professional services among the various IBM software solutions. IBM solutions supported include security, cloud, SOA and connectivity, application lifecycle management, service management, data integration and governance, predictive analytics, and more.

“We Make IT Work Better.” XTIVIA Inc. is an award-winning IT and data management solutions company that helps customers improve their business through better data management. We’ve successfully done this for 24 years by providing database, development, and integration expertise around Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Analytics, Remote Database Support, Enterprise Information Management, and more. XTIVIA has received numerous awards including three-time Liferay Partner of the Year, Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Web Application Developers.

STONS domain expertise – IBM software. We are authorized to sell the entire portfolio of IBM software. STONS holds wide, rich, and deep knowledge of IBM software which brings value to our customers. In addition to our customer support, we work actively with other resellers and system integrators to achieve needed IBM requirements for their customers. STONS is an award-winning company including Top SMB revenue growth in 2016.


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