As you probably already know, Salesforce is the number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform on the market today. When you buy Salesforce, you get access to one of the most powerful solutions on the market today, and right away, you can enhance your Customer Relationships.

However, to get the most bang for your buck on your Salesforce implementation, you need that full unified customer vision. The only way to get that is by having Salesforce integrated with your backend system(s). By having XTIVIA help you integrate your backend with Salesforce, we can help drive more sales and save more time for your users.

The first question you might ask is, “how do I go about doing this?”

There are a few different ways. You may not know, but Salesforce offers the AppExchange. Think of this as your Apple Store or Android Marketplace for Salesforce. Depending on what systems your company uses, there may already be an App for it.

If not, no worries. By combining XTIVIA’s expertise and Salesforce’s powerful API capabilities, we can get your systems talking the way you want them. Maybe it’s just a one-way sync from your backend to Salesforce. Perhaps it’s a two-way sync between systems, no worry! XTIVIA can help! If you’re trying to integrate more than one system with Salesforce then maybe you’re considering leveraging the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Perfect! Let our MuleSoft-certified experts step in and lead the charge on this integration project.

The next question you may ask is why? Why should I pay to have these systems talk to each other? There are many reasons for this, but let’s focus on a few:

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How much time is being wasted by your team when they have to bounce back and forth between multiple systems to gain access to the data they need? Maybe they even have to use a VPN to look into one system. Perhaps they don’t have access to the system, so they call someone back at the office to find what they need. This situation costs time and causes disruption, and, over time, can aggravate your users!


Wouldn’t it be great if completing one task in Salesforce could automate and notify a user of another system? Is your Credit Approval process complicated and time-consuming? How does the back office know that an order is ready for invoicing? By integrating these systems, you can streamline these processes and ensure more productivity.

360-Degree View:

Wouldn’t it be great if your users could access all relevant customer data from one system on any device anywhere in the world? By integrating your systems, this can be a reality for your team. No more calling back to the office to ask about orders or invoices. No more being blindsided by customers when visiting on-site about ongoing support issues or late deliveries. Offering this 360-degree view gives your users the tools they need to excel at their jobs and bring home more business!

Reporting & Analytics:

Salesforce has extremely flexible and powerful reporting & dashboarding capabilities. With data from your backend system in Salesforce, you can leverage all these capabilities to provide users and executives insight into historical information and trends at a moment’s notice.

In Closing:

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Salesforce is a fantastic CRM solution. If you’re currently on the platform, you’ve made the right choice. Now, take your implementation to the next level. Fully integrate your backend system with Salesforce to give your users the powerful tools they need to guarantee a unified view of essential customer data. Ready to take the leap? Reach out to us and let’s get your systems talking today.

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