During Liferay upgrades from v6.1 to v6.2, we often see our portlets not working correctly once deployed. The portlets often deploy correctly without any errors, and they show up in the category menu as expected. When it comes to using the forms, this is the piece that often does not work as expected. If you are experiencing an issue where your form parameters are not being passed to the portlet on Liferay, then you should know there is a simple fix.


This issue with form parameters not being passed to portlets on Liferay will not happen for every portlet. It depends on how the portlet was written and what portlet framework was used. If you don’t want to change any of your portlet code, then you can usually add this snippet to your liferay-portlet.xml:


For more information on this topic, see this blog post from Liferay: https://www.liferay.com/web/meera.success/blog/-/blogs/liferay-requires-name-spaced-parameters

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