Salesforce Pro Suite is a collection of cloud-based applications to help businesses manage customer relationships (CRM), marketing, and sales. It’s a more advanced version of their Starter Suite, offering additional features and functionalities for businesses that must go beyond the basics.

Salesforce Pro Suite Features

  1. Sales Cloud
    1. Easy Email Integration
    2. Out-of-the-Box Sales
    3. Default Dashboards and Reporting
    4. Quote Creation and Management
    5. Direct Payment Links for Quotes
    6. Direct Payment Links for Opportunities
    7. Forecast Management
    8. Comprehensive Reporting
    9. Data Analytics
  2. Service Cloud
    1. Integrated Email Support
    2. Case Management
    3. Knowledge Management
    4. Custom Email Templates
    5. Automate Repetitive Tasks
    6. In-app and Web Messaging
    7. Omni-Channel Routing
  3. Marketing Cloud
    1. Effective Email Campaigns
    2. Smart Segmentation
    3. Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
    4. Premade Email Templates
    5. Campaign Analytics
    6. Einstein Send Time Optimization
  4. Enhanced Capabilities
    1. Onboarding Guides
    2. Social Sign-on
    3. Custom Apps and Objects
    4. Process Automation with Flows
    5. Approval Processes
    6. Sandbox for Testing and Training
    7. AppExchange Access

Differences Between Salesforce Starter Suite and Salesforce Pro Suite

  1. Social Sign-On
    1. Functionality: Enables Users to sign in using social media credentials, enhancing user authentication and convenience
      1. Starter Suite: Social Sign-On is Available
      2. Pro Suite: Social Sign-On is Available
  2. Guided Onboarding
    1. Functionality: Offers a structured onboarding experience for new users, easing them into the Salesforce environment.
      1. Starter Suite: Guided Onboarding is Available
      2. Pro Suite: Guided Onboarding is Available
  3. Custom Fields
    1. Functionality: Users can create custom fields to capture and store additional information beyond standard salesforce fields
      1. Starter Suite: Custom fields are Available
      2. Pro Suite: Custom fields are Available
  4. Custom Apps
    1. Functionality: Empower users to design and build custom applications.
      1. Starter Suite: Custom apps are not Available
      2. Pro Suite: Custom apps are Available
  5. Custom Objects
    1. Functionality: Empower users to store unique types of data.
      1. Starter Suite: Custom objects are not Available
      2. Pro Suite: Custom objects are Available
  6. Process Automation with Flows
    1. Functionality: Provides advanced workflow automation capabilities, allowing users to design and implement visual workflows to automate complex processes.
      1. Starter Suite: Process Automation with flow is not available
      2. Pro Suite: Process automation with flows is available
  7. Approval Processes
    1. Functionality: Approval Processes empower automating the review and approval of records.
      1. Starter Suite: Users may not have the capability to define and automate approval processes
      2. Pro Suite: Gives users the ability to create approval processes.
  8. Sandbox for Testing and Training
    1. Functionality: A dedicated sandbox environment for testing configuration
      1. Starter Suite: Sandbox is not Available
      2. Pro Suite: Sandbox is Available
  9. AppExchange Access
    1. Functionality: To explore, install, and integrate a wide range of third-party applications and solutions
      1. Starter Suite: AppExchange Access is not Available
      2. Pro Suite: AppExchange Access is Available

Enhance Your Salesforce Experience with XTIVIA’s Salesforce Admin On-Demand

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce without the need to hire an in-house administrator. XTIVIA’s Salesforce Admin On-Demand service acts as your external Salesforce administrator, providing expert management of both the Salesforce Starter Suite and the more complex Pro Suite. This service is tailor-made for businesses seeking to harness the extensive capabilities of Salesforce platforms while ensuring scalability and efficiency in their CRM strategies. With XTIVIA, you gain access to specialized expertise and continuous support, making it easier to navigate and optimize the Salesforce ecosystem as your business evolves. Our Salesforce Managed Services offer a cost-effective, flexible solution to managing your CRM needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business with the confidence that your Salesforce environment is in expert hands.


The Salesforce Pro Suite significantly enhances CRM, sales, and marketing management with its advanced features beyond the Starter Suite. Key upgrades include custom apps and objects, process automation with flows, and exclusive Salesforce AppExchange access, offering tailored solutions for businesses. Its sandbox environment and approval processes facilitate safe innovation and streamlined operations. This suite represents a strategic investment for companies aiming for increased efficiency and deeper customer insights, marking a comprehensive toolset for achieving business objectives.

For any questions or more information about our Salesforce On-Demand, please contact us.

Salesforce Pro Suite vs Starter Suite?

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