SugarCRM and Salesforce are two of the most popular CRM solutions on the marketplace today. There are quite a few differences that separate these two products from each other. While it’s impossible to cover every single one, this blog will compare the differences between the SugarCRM and Salesforce.


The Salesforce software is a more expensive implementation than SugarCRM. While each has their own versions, you can compare the Salesforce Professional version vs the SugarCRM Professional version, as well as the Enterprise version of each product:

  • SugarCRM Professional: $40/user/month vs Salesforce Professional: $75/user/month
  • SugarCRM Enterprise: $65/user/month vs Salesforce Enterprise: $150/user/month

Features and functionality are major deciding factors also when it comes to selecting which version to use.

Deployment Options

Salesforce only allows you to deploy their product on their Cloud environment. SugarCRM gives you the ability to choose where you want the database hosted: Private Cloud, Sugar’s Cloud, or On-Premise.


One of the biggest benefits of Salesforce is their AppExchange, which is essentially a large shopping mall of applications that you can download for your solution. The Salesforce AppExchange has over 3,000- certified applications to choose from. Whereas Sugar’s comparable SugarExchange only has about 250- certified applications.


Both solutions come with a Mobile platform out-of-the-box. However, Salesforce’s Salesforce1 Mobile platform is much more flexible and powerful than the SugarCRM Mobile Application. SugarCRM’s mobile app is very lightweight but you are limited in some of the functionality you can utilize. Something to note is, Salesforce1 allows you to extend their mobile application to fit most of your company’s mobile needs.


Even if you don’t know what “CRM” is, most people have still heard of Salesforce. They are one of the largest companies in the world and because of this, they have the backing and funding to continue to make drastic improvements to their suite of products. They also have been purchasing many companies to add to their portfolio of products that can improve upon their CRM functionality, such as Steelbrick for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

Company Philosophy

SugarCRM is a CRM company. CRM is their only product so their entire focus is CRM. Salesforce is a Platform company and not only do they have CRM, they have Configure Price Quote products, Marketing Automation Products, Business Intelligence products, etc. The disadvantage to this is that they’re not solely focused on the CRM. They have other products they need to spend research and development funds to improve. The benefit to this, however, is the fact that they can also offer these other products to their customers, without having to go outside the company.

Both products are highly rated in the marketplace. Give us a call to determine which solution may be right for you and your company.

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